Kette BELLE in Silber (inkl. Gravur)

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Gravur: Beidseitige Gravur ist gratis dabei. Farbe - weiß-glänzend, hochwertige und elegante Diamantgravur.
Material: Edelstahl
Beschichtung: Rhodium (Farbe - Silber)
Kettenlänge: 45-50 cm
Farbe: Silber
Anhänger-Größe: 30x7 mm
Lieferzeit: 5 - 6 Werktage

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Danielle Botsford

Super !!!

Kody Veum

Superb quality, received in 5 days. I recommend

Hailie Jaskolski

Super Beautiful on mine it's written Esma in Arabic suddenly small enough so be careful me I expected something bigger but it is superrrr beautiful I'm in love it does not oxidize and everything we love my insta: green _. Emerald

Gardner Kuphal

Really very satisfied with my necklace!! It is really too beautiful I love it!!! I love so much my necklace ! Really a very good quality! I really love my necklace too much I'm a fan

Sofia Jones

Very very pretty I love the package will say real gold. It is light and light. Now I have all the parcel and bracelet and earrings in arab really I am very happy thank you very much I wish you good continuation to you Very pretty I love the package thank you very much I wish you a good contuation to you. Now I have a pareure the package, the bracelet and the earrings while in arab put a lot